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Backyard Patio

Mosquito Control

Everyone hates going to the backyard and getting attacked by these blood thirsty insects! Carter Lawn Management can effectively control these little biters with our mosquito control program. We use a backpack sprayer to spray a fine mist onto your plants and area around your house to control the mosquitos.

Barrier Treament

We apply a water-based pesticide every 3 weeks to the foliage of your plants. When this touches the mosquito, they die on contact. This program starts in March and goes through October. The first application is followed by another application, just one week later to kick-start the control. It is an insecticide spray and will control many other insects as well. Wait approximately 30 minutes or until the treatment is dry before entering the treated area.

No mosquito bite for World malaria day with Stop mosquito sign for prevention of virus car
Small logs of wood, to light a fireplace, stacked on the lawn, Areal, Rio de Janeiro, Braz

Additional Control Measures

Keep an eye out for things on your property that may be breeding grounds for mosquitos. Places like wood piles, buckets with water in them, old tires, and even low spots that hold water are locations that can contribute to your mosquito problem. Remediating these issues are essential to keeping down the mosquito population along with our mosquito treatments.

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